As an Emerging designer I was first introduced to the vibrant fashion scene in 2012 at the  BeautyExxtreme fashion show in Minnesota, USA. The event showcased stylish, chic looks for full-sized models including my hand-selected dresses which ranged from a bombshell mini-dress to a glitzy evening wear.


I am the fashion designer behind CocoZini and StyleByBiKe, the clothing line which embodies apparel design creativity.  As early as 9 years old, my flare for fashion became apparent when my sketches were nominated and selected to be featured in the local magazine ( Nigerian Guardian)  kid’s section – a spot I famously held on to for the next three consecutive years.


My inspiration comes from watching my late seamstress mum work day and night on complicated designs and fulfilling an ever-revolving door of customer orders and my love for fashion blossomed as early as my elementary school years where my designs were constantly showcased in school-wide exhibitions in my birth country of Nigeria, West Africa.


My design philosophy is to create chic, modern looks with a touch of the exotic influences of my traditional African heritage. I pride myself as an outstanding creative designer and styling consultant and have used my talents to effectively design and style my clients for every occasion to revitalize their wardrobes.


“Fashion is Art, the act of Seeing, Feeling and Expressing. If you have art in you then you have a Style to talk about” — BiKé Ojomo


I do work with client’s budgets to help them achieve their best design personality in keeping with my knowledge of emerging and fresh fashion trends.


“It’s not how much it costs, it’s how fitted it is on your body. A dollar can look like a thousand if it fits perfectly” — BiKé Ojomo


In addition to studying Fashion Design, I have also established careers in  Payroll, Finance, and Accounting. I live in Minneapolis with my 2 girls.




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